Latest Google Algorithms to Follow

Latest Google Algorithms to Follow

September 27, 2019 0 By Manne Jatin

In this digital growing world, every company aims to rank number one of the search engine result pages and shine bright among the top searches for the users. Google is a search entity that works solely for the people, its forte is to generate relevant and useful data based upon user searches. Hence, the website that fulfill the needs and the wants of the user will rank high, getting more leads and conversions. There are certain algorithms that Google follows to make a decision on distinguishing the website to set their respective places in the ascending order. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the most significant Google search algorithms to keep you updated.
Check out the list below;

Google Panda

Google Panda Is Now Part Of Google's Core Ranking Signals - Search ...

Introduced in 2011, Google Panda forte is to scrutinize the content of the website, determine the quality of the website and then positions it as per its quality norms. Google Panda eliminates the websites delivering low quality content, thin content, spun articles, irrelevant information and the duplicate data.

Google Penguin

Launched in 2012, Google Penguin targets the backlink profiles of that website affecting the rankings. The Penguin ranks those websites better featuring organic and reliable links making a worthwhile link to count as a vote for the website. It eliminates websites performing unethical practices like buying of links, having low quality links, keyword stuffing and links coming from a spammy website.

Google Humming Bird

Emerged in 2013, Google’s Humming Bird algorithm helps Google to construe the search queries effectively, provide results that are appropriate to user’s search and makes the page rank above for the question asked. Exact-match keyword and keyword stuffing triggers the Humming Bird algorithm of the Google.


Updated in 2015, the algorithm ensure that website having mobile centric pages tends to rank higher on the SERP’s. Mobilegeddon enables Google to check whether the website is mobile-friendly or not, giving priority to those websites that are well displayed over mobile devices. Mobilegeddon eliminates website having improper views, illegible content and lack of mobile friendly page.

To conclude, Google comes with complex updates consistently and so to make to your website top for the user queries on Google’s result page, its important to keep an eye on the updates and implement the same on your website at the earliest. To know more about Google Algorithms, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.