How To Make Money For Blogging?

How To Make Money For Blogging?

January 5, 2020 0 By Manne Jatin

Internet Blogging is one of the lastest trends in internet marketing when companies, organizations have started using blogs as a means to promote their products and services.

That was not the case in early times when blogging was merely just a hobby where people share their thoughts on various topics such as arts, science, literature, politics, social issues and even products like cars, gadgets and much more.

That was the origin of blogging, but with the popularity and growing importance for providing information, it is now possible to make money just by writing blogs which are relevant and useful to the audience. There are many ways to earn money online, especially by blogging and those ways can be ethical and unethical.

Since we don’t support that anyone should follow the unethical ways as one might need to pay a huge penalty from Google and so alike.

Best Ways On How To Make Money For Blogging

In this section, we will tell you the ways on how to make money by just blogging and it doesn’t require for you to own a website to make.

Guest Blogging/Web Content Writing

One of the easiest ways to earn money is by becoming a guest blogger. According to reports, it has been found that almost thousands of blogs articles are uploaded on the internet every day so there is a much requirement of manpower known as content writers.

If you have a website with a huge number of incoming traffic every month then you can write blog articles on different websites and charge money from them.

Running Affiliate Marketing

This the major source of income for most of the bloggers as the revenue generated by the affiliate marketing. Websites such as Amazon, Clickbank are some of the best affiliate marketing networks which pay a good commission.

In works on the basis on purchases made via links that are available on your website and the amount can range from  10 $ to even 250 $ for a single purchase.

By Selling Your Websites

This is rather a business idea which deviates from our main how to make money for blogging article. Many bloggers have made huge sums of money by using this method.

If your website has monthly visitors and ranks at the top of search results then you can sell your websites to people who may be interested in your niche.


The above are some of the best methods to make money and these are ethical as they involve no risk. Therefore our article on how to make money for blogging has come to a conclusion.