How to gain followers on Instagram?

How to gain followers on Instagram?

August 19, 2019 0 By Manne Jatin

Is your Instagram following great enough to drive the profitable business? If you are hesitating to answer this question then it might be the right time for you to learn on how to gain followers on Instagram. The larger the audience, the more prospects you will have to engage with the users and build exceptional experiences to share with them. For the best results, its good to be patient and work calmly to bring in more audiences than opting for automation as they can be dangerous to your business. To guide you, in this article we will be discussing about the strategies that can help you gain more followers.

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Listed below are the 4 tips on how to gain followers on Instagram

Optimize the Instagram Account

Add a strong bio that defines your business, a suitable profile picture (the logo of your business is an ideal option), provide at least one contact detail, add a link that drives the users to your landing page, follow up with a color theme while posting content (it drives attention), insert keywords in the bio and most importantly, keep the username search friendly, do not add special characters to the username.

Get other accounts to post your content

Its obvious that more the Instagram followers you have,  the more the potential customers will show interest in your business. Hence, it is important to always value your existing audience for success. Try sponsoring user generated content to get in your customers feeds. Also, hold Instagram contests to get the brand reach out to a larger audience.

Research for Hashtags that convert

Hashtags play a major role to bring in business. Find hashtags that are not way too populated. Tools like LeeTags can help you generate hashtags for your business. Focus on hashtags that your target audience are more likely to look for. If there’s a relevant connection, users are more likely to follow your account.

Get the key insights of your account through the Instagram analytics

Access to the analytics through your business account to see when your audience is most active. Utilize the data to plan your posting schedule. The Instagram insights provides in-depth details which includes the age, gender and demographic breakdown of your audience.

Growing followers on Instagram is unarguably a tough task to do but following the above listed tips would end up giving your better profitability to your business. To know more about Instagram, stay tuned. Thank you for your time.