Hostgator Web Hosting Plans Review 2021

Hostgator Web Hosting Plans Review 2021

October 19, 2019 0 By Manne Jatin

We live in a time where everything is up in the clouds, that is to say, everything is on the internet. The internet has become a medium of interaction, a platform for something more and a gateway to what we thought was a better future and all of us know this.

Critics have always suggested that when it comes to web hosting services, none of the brands were spared. This is true in the case of HostGator, an award-winning web hosting brand in the digital space. HostGator started its journey in the 2002 and today it has estimated to host millions of websites. It provides unique and features that is required for today’s market.

It has won numerous recognitions along the way and few of the major reputed from the internet that has rated and been part of HostGator are, Wp Beginner,, and various the web hosting review websites. All these websites have rated HostGator highly on average 4.5/5.

Plans &Features Of HostGator

HostGator offers various web hosting solutions from small business/ entrepreneur to large business. According to the official website of HostGator, the major offerings are Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Website Builder, WordPress Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is one of the most selling hosting types that HostGator offers. It starts at 2.75 $ per month while the top plan can go up to 5.95 $ per month.

The plans are divided into three types and these types are famously known as Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan etc. The Hatchling Plan you can get a free domain for the first year, free SSL Certificates, Unmetered Bandwidth and cPanel support. For the business you get an additional free SEO tool and free Dedicated IP.

Website Builder

HostGator’s Website Builder is an important plan designed to for building professional website without coding. There wide range of templates for different type of niche and ideas.

There are three types of website builder offered by HostGator and these are named as Starter, Premium and eCommerce. The pricing for the starter plan starts at 3.84$ per month, and it comes with free hosting and domain name, web analytics and free SSL certificates. The Premium and eCommerce Website Builder has all the features with addition priority support and full eCommerce functionality such as buying and selling products.

WordPress Hosting

There are many benefits of WordPress hosting if you are building your website on WordPress. And there are many benefits of using WordPress hosting such as faster loading speed and advanced security. Currently, there are three types of WordPress Hosting and they are named as Starter Plan, Standard Plan and Business Plan etc.

The Starter Plan is priced at 5.95 $ per month and can handle up to 100 k visitors plan per month with Free SSL Certificates and Free Domain. The Standard Plan and Business Plan which are priced at 7.95 $ and 9.95 $ per month respectively can handle up to 200 k visitors and 500 k visitors per month.

Dedicated Server Hosting  

If performance and power is what you thrive for, then you can choose Dedicated Server Hosting. There are certain benefits of using this plan the SSD drivers make sure to process data at a lightning speed. And state-of-the-art data centres offers DDOS protection and IP based firewall to keep your server up and running.

There are there types of Dedicated Server Hosting plan offered by HostGator are Value Server, Power Server and Enterprise Server etc. The prices for these plans start at 89.98$ per month, 119.89 $ per month and 139.99$ per month respectively. With every plan you will get a dedicated cPanel and WHM for all Linux servers for server configuration.


Faster Load Times

HostGator promises to deliver a loading speed of 2.5 X times faster than its counterparts. This feat is achievable due to the presence of super charged cloud technology, multiple layer caching and CloudFlare CDN (Content Delivery Network). However, this feat is available for WordPress hosting.

In case of Shared Web Hosting you can expect unmetered bandwidth which greatly helps to improve the loading speed in these websites. However, only cloud hosting uses SSD drives yet the shared hosting’s loading speed is quite remarkable. Therefore, if the shared hosting and cloud hosting are to be compared, in this case cloud hosting wins by majority.

Easy Control Panel

cPanel or Control Panel is an important feature that comes with HostGator’s plan.  With the help of cPanel you can install application, manage email and data and manipulate various other installations. It is a handy tool and without this tool it would be stressful and annoying to handle your website’s back end.

Every plan offered by HostGator comes with dedicated cPanel and it comes various important features such as one-click WordPress Install, Websiter Builder and various Content Management Systems such as Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, and phbBB Hosting etc.


HostGator comes with tons of features that can be attractive for all. Some of the major offerings from HostGator include Website Builder with over hundreds of templates suitable for mobile and tablet devices. When it comes to transferring a domain address, if additional charges are levied it can become maddening. In such cases, HostGator offers free domain migration and transfer.

And other features and free add-ons offered by HostGator are 100$ Google Adwords Offer, Bing Credit Offer and free SSL Security. In need with these freebies you can run your first free Google Ads on various verticals of Google while the SSL certificates ensures that your website is flagged safe for online transaction.

Customer Support

HostGator’s customer service follows the protocol of the industry standards. Therefore, you can expect greater and productive communication from the support team. According to website, it says the team is available 24/7 365 days at your service. And it supports live chat, phone support and ticket for email chats.

Most of your queries can be solved by the support team and if you are not satisfied by the chat team and you can with the CEO of HostGator directly.

Uptime that is as consistent as it is High

Performance is always on your mind whenever you look at a product. It doesn’t have to be anything significant like a pair of batteries perhaps. So, when it comes to web hosts it is alright to be finicky about performance.

If you are one of those people (of which I am a part as well), then it is hard to find a better web host than HostGator. The uptime is consistently higher than the industry standard of 99.94%. Hell, the lowest I have seen of it is itself 99.94% and that was once in a yearlong experience.

Support Channels that are Reachable

Here is the thing about web hosts, they are so focused on their servers and the speeds, barely any attention is paid to the customer service and other aspects of it. Very few companies do anything worthwhile in that regard. So, it would come as no surprise to you that good customer service may be the hardest thing to find in this business.

HostGator does customer service proper favour when it comes to that. You can get to them in minutes no matter the channel that you are using and you can get your issues heard and fixed in a matter of minutes, that easy!

Simplistic Interface

Ease of use is a problem that most technical industries face. I mean its normal for you to feel alien on your first day of work especially if you have to deal with virtual things that you barely understand. In the hosting industry, it is no different.

The problem here though is that many companies don’t even try to make it easier. Hostgator lies on the other end of this spectrum. You have a backend that is easy to use and tons of documentation that teaches you everything you want to know. Trust me, if I could get to speed with it in a couple of hours, you will do just fine.

Confidence in Their Product

Here is something that is a plus right off the bat when I see it, a company’s confidence in their product or service. If I ever see a company that is confident of its product to the point where they would wager their money for it, then I am sold. I would go for it.


Tell Why You need go for HostGator. Maintain a constant positive content throughout the article.

HostGator is one of the top web hosting service providers. Its main web hosting plans are the shared web hosting and cloud hosting which give major competition to other web hosting services providers such as BlueHost, GreenGeeks, etc.

Pricings and features are some of the positives that might excite customers to opt for HostGator’s services. We would highly recommend to go for Shared Hosting Plan if you want to experiment it. Or if you mean serious business you can either go for Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Hosting.