Best Tools for Checking Competitor’s Keywords

Best Tools for Checking Competitor’s Keywords

June 28, 2020 0 By Manne Jatin

Keyword research is known as the foundation in which all the good search marketing campaigns are built. Targeting relevant and high intent keywords with structuring campaigns into logical, relevant ad groups and eliminating wasteful negative keywords are the steps where advertisers should take to build strong PPC campaigns. So, all we need to do is to find keyword research and drive organic traffic while using competitor keyword checker. Finding a keyword for the content is the most significant way to compete in a crowded space and gain a crucial advantage over other businesses in our industry. Below are the best tools for checking competitor’s keywords.

SEM Rush

Ways to find competitor keywords SEM Rush overview

This is the impressive suite of keyword research tools that can help you identify competitor keywords very fast and easily. Even you can search by keyword or URL, filter results by geographical area or country, specify different match types for PPC Keywords, and examine domain analytics data for entire sites.  With just a few clicks, we can now see a wealth of competitive keyword data their average organic position in the SERP, approximate search volume, the keyword’s difficulty, average CPC, Share of traffic driven to the site by a particular keyword as well as costs, competitive density, the volume of results, trend data over time.


This is another tool that can help in finding competitor keywords. Unlike other tools, SPyFu is dedicated solely to competitive intelligence research. It is actually pretty remarkable how much data SpyFU can provide, even for basic or cursory searches. You can find data on everything from local and global monthly search volume, CTR, ad spend, advertisement history, ranking history, backlinks, offering invaluable insight into your competitor’s keyword strategies. Also, you can examine specific keywords from a competing site by navigating to the keyword research> related keywords report.

Ahref’s Keywords Explorer

Ways to find competitor keywords Ahrefs Keyword Explorer overview

Ahrefs is one of the most widely used tools in competitor keyword checker for reading SEO blogs on the web.  Also, Ahref has developed a tool called keywords explorer and this isn’t a free tool to use. Keywords explorer will offer tons of functionality and data which is invaluable to the advertisers and SEO. So, one of the best features is that this tool will take different approaches to keyword research which is gaining traction in the SEO community which is known as the “top pages”. Also, this feature will allow its users to identify dozens or even hundreds of relevant keywords by focusing on the topics of a page or article other than individual keywords themselves.

The above-mentioned tools are used for  competitor keyword checker for discovering the keywords where our comeptitors are targeting ansd ranking for. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best tools for checking competitor’s keywords. Thanks for reading