Best Free Social Media Management Tools

Best Free Social Media Management Tools

November 23, 2020 0 By Manne Jatin

Organization is one of the keys to marketing success, so with a social media management tool, whether you are not controlling your social networks, or, if you are an organization, managing the social media accounts of your customers, that needs to change today! Not only can it make your life much simpler using a social media management tool, it does not need to go through budgeting approval rounds because there are many comprehensive free tools out there to help you meet all your social marketing goals.

Best Free Social Media Management Tools


They provide a wide variety of features they provide for different channels, ranging from the usual features such as scheduling and analytics to some unique ones such as keeping your DM Twitter Inbox clean to help increase followers.

Not only do I love the name of SocialOomph. They certainly provide Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest management with a wide range of unique features, as well as the ability to manage and plan blog posts.


When it comes to scheduling posts, Followerwonk is certainly not your standard social media management method, but it is an important tool when it comes to knowing your audience at a much deeper level. To find the most important influencers, Followerwonk helps you to dig deep into Twitter bios and compare different accounts.

You can evaluate your current followers with this method, by the venue, bio, accounts they follow, and more and contrast relationships with rivals. This will help you boost your social content by balancing your actions with followers’ gains and losses.


Hootsuite has a special place in my heart, probably because it is the first platform for social media management that I used as a Marketing Assistant during my very first job. I was overseeing the social strategy of the business at the time before social advertising had really taken off.

I can still remember the hours and hours I’d spend putting together a schedule of posting content and setting reminders at certain times for myself to tweet. This was before I found Hootsuite and my life changed instantly as a frantic Twitter bird.


Buffer has been in the social media management room for quite some time similar to Hootsuite, and it is a reputable platform that allows you to easily manage multiple social profiles. With several overlapping Hootsuite features, some of my favorite Buffer features include the ability to quickly schedule content with their Chrome extensions when browsing the site. The best moments to post based on the behavior of followers are also suggested by Buffer.

Well, these are some of the free social media management tools. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you.