Best 5 type of schema’s that are essential for SEO Ranking

Best 5 type of schema’s that are essential for SEO Ranking

April 4, 2020 0 By Manne Jatin

To Rank on a search engine result page is not that easy if you are don’t follow all the important SEO techniques. There are many techniques to rank but one of the most important techniques is schema markup, google ranking is also dependent on this. Schema’s are nothing but codes that are to added to a site or page which help crawlers to understand the content. There are three types of schema markup languages that is JSON-LD, RDFa and Microdata form which you can choose one. There are many types schema markup, google ranking are dependent on it and some of the best type of schema’s that are essential for SEO Ranking are listed down.

Detailed Guide to Schema: Structured Data Usage for SEO

Person Markup Schema

Person Markup Schema is mainly added if the page or a site is about a person. Through this schema you can a get detail about a person, his Birthdays, education, family members, birthdays and address. There is always a schema added about the famous personalities.

Organization Markup Schema

Organization Markup Schema is very important to be added by every organization or a company where you the essential details of an organization like their introduction, logo, location or address, contact details and other necessary information that is available about the organization.

Article Markup Schema

Article Markup Schema is highly recommended to every blogger for News post through which the search engine crawlers can understand your content and help you to rank on the page. This schema gives information such as when was the blog or news post published, the title of that blog and also from which news or blog.

Video Markup Schema

Normal written content can be still crawled easily but crawling a video content is still difficult. Adding a schema markup will help to google is index and understand the content. By adding schema, you can rank on the top page.

Event Schema Markup

By the name itself it is quite evident that this Schema is for all the events be it for concerts or festivals. By adding this schema, you can get to know about the date, day, location, price, information about the event, etc.

These are some of the top type of schema markup, google has considered then to be the best and very useful for ranking. We hope you liked this article and got all the info you have searched for. Thank You for all your time.