4 Content Writing Myths, debunked!

4 Content Writing Myths, debunked!

July 17, 2019 0 By Manne Jatin

Myths are everywhere, its you who will have to tackle it. Content writing has also been surrounded by hundreds of myths and its high time to debunk some of them now. To build credibility, generate brand awareness and lead conversion to sales, content writing plays a major role but it is not really possible until and unless you do not have a solid strategy. Who will be writing all the content? What keywords has to be targeted? What and what not will work? What’s the best way to increase the user engagement and to increase the conversion rate? Well, these being the most common questions asked, there are lot of answers floating around for the same. Some are tried and tested while some are just the old myths.

Here are the top 4 myths of content writing that needs to be avoided now;

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Your Target Audience Cares About You

Contrary! If the targeted audience really cared about you then you wouldn’t be here reading this article. The only thing users cares the most about is about their own needs and wants. Its important that the content helps them to resolves them their issues, compose content in such a way that your products and services are the best solution to their problems. Deliver content that gives value to the readers time.

Length doesn’t affect the SEO ranks

For a fact, it surely does. Apparently, content with around 1900 words or so tends to acquire the top most position over the search engine result page. A blog should at least have 1000 words, blogs with 300-500 words gives no value to the readers nor to the search engine crawlers. Focus on lengthy content, ensure including all the necessary details in the blog.

Copy-writing is easy

False! If that would have been true then all of us would have been over the first page on search engine result pages. But that’s not how it works, some are always better at copy writing than others. Content writing for the web is thoroughly based on creativity, deep understanding of the target audience and persuasion.

Content becomes lesser when you factor the design

Not true! Content and design structure, both go hand-in-hand. A unique logo, amazing web design and stunning photography surely tempt people to stay on the page for longer.

Do share with us some of the other myths that you have come across when it comes to content writing. To know more, stay tuned. Thank you for your time.