4 Amazing Proof-reading Tips & Tricks

4 Amazing Proof-reading Tips & Tricks

April 8, 2020 0 By Manne Jatin

Proofreading, in simpler terms refers to the process of examining the text in order to detect and correct the errors if any that may have been occurred during the writing process. Proofreading and editing should be performed before publishing the content, it can either be done with the help of huge variety of tools or manually. For complete assurance, people believe manual checking is the best as you can connect to the article and rectify it accordingly. Well, it often happens that a writer might be too close to identify the error but fails to see the flaws. It is pretty much difficult to keep a check on each sentence and so in order to avoid mistakes, we are here to help. In this article we will be discussing significant tips and tricks that would help you correct a text before submitting it. Take a look below;

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Read it loud and clear

Reading out loud is one of the best ways to identify the errors. There might be sentences that doesn’t sound right, you might have missed to add a pronoun or you have missed a word or such mistakes can easily be identified while you hear it by yourself. Since, you will be reading each word of the word article, there’s an increasing number of chances to find a typo. Your eyes might not help you but your ears will surely do, you may not see the mistakes, but you will definitely hear it.

Split it into pieces

If the article that you want to proofread is pretty much lengthy then I would suggest you to split it into pieces and take one part at a time for correction. You can follow up the pattern, take the introduction first, the body next and the conclusion at the last. Later on focus on subheading to check whether or not they are relevant. Last but not the least, keep a check on the numbers and bullet points.

Focus on punctuation

Punctuation play an important role in any article written, one tiny error can change the entire scenario and so it is utmost important to focus on the punctuation while you are proofreading a text. Ensure that the phrases used goes well with the article and makes complete sense. Try not to use too many exclamatory points and question marks.

Take your time

If you find it difficult to take out time from your busy schedule to proofread a text multiple times, then read the text carefully at the very first time with complete focus, apparently proofreading a text the first time is much more effecting than checking it twice or thrice. Go through each word, sentence and paragraph. Do not rush, take your time, do it slow but sure.

To settle, above listed are the most effective tips and tricks that one must follow for proofreading efficiently. To know more about proofreading and editing, stay tuned.