What is social media addiction?

What is social media addiction?

July 5, 2021 0 By Manne Jatin

Today technology has influenced all of us so much that it is a boon to some while bane to many people. Teenagers stare down at their phone or keep their eyes on some laptop or IPad. With the mergence of digital technology, people have become so dependant on it for various purposes. The world has witnessed several ill effects of digital technology in the past. Digital addiction is something that is rising on constant basis and this must be treated as soon as possible.

There are people who are addicted to their smartphones and other forms of digital technology but feel guilty about it as they have already realized that it is bad and it can lead to adverse effects on their mental health as well as personal relationships. Today’s youth are way more intelligent than the previous generations and are tech savvy beings. We have become slaves of digital technology and the present scenario is such that we even try to find our life partners online or through matrimony websites.

There are so many disorders that occur in human beings are associated with addiction to digital technology and most importantly by using social media continuously. One of them is Nomophobia which means that the person is always scared or worried about not being able to use the phone. It can occur due to lack of signal or running out of battery.

Next is Internet Addiction disorder which means the person’s whole day routine is to spend hours and hours in the virtual world. it is by scrolling fingers on your smartphone so that you can get to know about all the new things that are happening on social media. Digital addiction might lead to a mild annoyance and irritation when away from technology for some hours. It leads to anxiety. Teenagers have started searching for solace and happiness on these sites and if something happens against their favour, it becomes depressing for them.

Today, people try to stay updated about each and everything that is taking place on social media. They just don’t want to miss anything that is happening in the digital world. these types of people even fear of missing things on their social media account and in order to avoid so, they try to stay online whole day. They don’t even want to miss liking, commenting or sharing certain posts! Strange!

Digital addiction is moreover turning into some sort of madness. We need to accept the real world and start spending more time with family, friends and most importantly working out on the betterment of ourselves.