WebHostingPad: What’s to Like and What’s Not

WebHostingPad: What’s to Like and What’s Not

July 11, 2019 0 By Manne Jatin

The business of hosting can be unkind to newcomers. I am not scaring you or anything but I think it is better to be prepared rather than plunge headlong into it just to experience a world of pain. This, of course, is only valid to the newcomers. To the veterans in the field, it is a different matter entirely.

The hardest part of this industry is getting in the know. It is a confusing and arduous task and if you are reading this review then chances are that you are about to go through the same. To help you out, let me give you a top tip on how to look for the host you need- don’t look for the best product- it’s a moot point.

Yeah, you heard that right and I am not being sarcastic. That is the secret to finding what you need. See, in the world of hosting there is nothing called the best or the perfect product, it’s all about the right fit between what you need and what they are offering.

Keep that in mind while you read through this review and I have a feeling you will have a better idea of what to go for by the end of it.

Now to give you a brief background of WebHostingPad (WHP). Founded in 2005, it made a place for itself as one of the most affordable hosting options in the market and has done quite well for themselves on that ideology.

The company, however, is not known only for its competitive prices, but also for a few other things like you will see.

What’s to Like

It’s Cheap!

First things first, the main selling point of WHP’s hosting plans- it’s cheap, very cheap. I doubt if you can find another plan that is as cheap as this one and don’t even get me started with that almost useless iPage offering. I know its cheaper, but its hardly of any use if you think about it.

You can get started for less than $2 a month, but this affordability has its price to pay, as you will see later. But all in all, if you are budget-minded, it is a good option.

Free Security Enhancements

Security these days is no laughing matter, especially in the world of tech. This presents an opportunity for web hosts to make more money out of it by offering ‘extra’ security enhancements for which they charge you.

WHP does things a little differently. They provide a couple of tools to keep your site and their servers safe and on the WordPress hosting plans they also provide you with their proprietary Automated Malware Scanner and Malware Quarantine as well.

Decent Customer Support

I have always found customer support to be lacking in many of the web hosts that I have used, except for perhaps, a few of them and WHP is among the few of them. They have a fairly decent support system, that you can get connected to easily and in multiple channels.

While I had a decent enough experience with them, I found a lot of reviews online that told me otherwise. So I suggest you take this with a pinch of salt.

What’s Not

Average Speed and Performance

When I said that you will have a different price to pay for those prices, I was not kidding, not even remotely. You pay the price in performance. WHP didn’t fare all that well in the performance test, only able to offer mediocre speeds and above average uptime.

This may not be much of a concern for some, but for most this can be a deal-breaker.


This is the most annoying thing I found about WHP and the only thing I believe to be an absolute deal-breaker. There are upsells everywhere. From the moment you add it to the cart to the time of renewal and everything else, it is upselling after upsell.