Top Tools for Competitor Keyword Checker

Top Tools for Competitor Keyword Checker

January 4, 2020 0 By Manne Jatin

Keyword research is an important tool in digital marketing where campaigns are built. just by targeting relevant, high-intent keywords, structuring campaigns into logical, relevant ad groups and deleting the non-use keywords are the steps that need to be taken for building strong PPC campaigns. Even you need keyword research for content marketing efforts and even driving organic traffic. So, competitor keyword checker is one of the ideal ways to compete with other others and gaining a more benefit in the industry and also develop a better idea for SEO strategy. Below are the top tools for competitor keyword checker.

SEM Rush

40 Ways to Use SEMrush to Get the SEO Data You Need | Seer Interactive


This tool will help in identifying the competitor keywords very quickly and easily where you can search by keyword or URL, filter results by country name and specifying different match types for PPC keywords to test domain analytics data for entire sites. Even this tool will share the amount of traffic driven to the site by a particular keyword with costs, competitive density, the volume of results and trend data over time that can good to know while using this tool.


This is another popular competitive tool that can help you in finding the competitor keywords. SpyFu will give a list of competitor names for the domain you are analyzing. Even SpyFu can provide you an overview of a domain’s performance such as the distribution of its position on the first page of search results and maybe some other details related to keywords.

Ahref’s Keywords Explorer

Keyword Rank Checker By Ahrefs: Track Your Keyword Rankings

Ahrefs is known as the most used tools in competitor keyword checker for reading SEO blogs on the web.  Also, Ahref has developed a tool called keywords explorer and this isn’t a free tool to use. Keywords explorer will offer tons of functionality and data which is invaluable to the advertisers and SEO. So, Ahref’s has got the feature which allows the users to identify many relevant keywords just by focusing on the topic of page or articles other than the individual keywords.

The above-mentioned tools will give you a better idea for comparing your keywords with the competitor. So, whichever tools you use it for competitor keyword checker, do not forget about the other competitors what methods they are doing and try to learn from them where you can implement to your research. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top tools for competitor keyword checker. Thanks for reading!