Top 301 Redirection WordPress Plugins

Top 301 Redirection WordPress Plugins

July 6, 2019 0 By Manne Jatin

301 redirection is strongly recommended when change the permalinks of the post and pages or move the entire website from one domain to another domain name. It is essential to do so in order to not lose the existing traffic as well as the SEO elements for the existing pages and posts for the previous domain. In simpler words, 301 redirection is one of the easiest ways to redirect the users indicating that the page has been permanently moved from one URL to another, 301 would pass 90% of the search engine link juice to the new URL. The aim of this article is to cover the various methods that can be easily adapted to move the pages/posts permanently.

Listed below are the top 3 WordPress plugins that makes 301 redirection much easier

Simple 301 Redirects Plugin

Vulnerable Plugin: "Simple 301 Redirects"

Simple 301 Redirects Plugin is regarded as one of the most preferred WordPress plugin.

  • Download and install the plugin
  • Once activated, go the settings > 301 Redirects page
  • In the visible two boxes, add the old URL in the request box and a new URL in the destination box.
  • Click save changes, 301 redirection will then take place.

Quick Page/ Post Redirect Plugin

Quick Page/ Post Redirect Plugin enables you to redirect the pages and posts faster.

  • Download, install and activate the plugin
  • Redirection here can be done using 2 ways – “Individual Redirects” and “Quick Redirects”
  • Individual redirection is best for redirecting menu items, redirecting existing pages to new ones or duplicate posts
  • A meta box will be visible below the visual editor where you can add the destination URL.
  • For Quick Redirects, go on to the Quick redirects menu that will shown after activating the plugin.
  • Enter the old (Request) URL and the Destination URL, plugin automatically add 301 redirects by default

Also, you can delete the existing redirects by clicking on the trash icon and edit a redirect option by clicking on the pencil edit icon.

Redirection WordPress Plugin

Available in more than 25 languages, Redirection WordPress Plugin in another most popular WordPress plugin.

  • Download and Install the plugin
  • Once activated, go to the tools > Redirection
  • Define the existing and the target URL and click on add redirection
  • By default, 301 redirection type is added.

To conclude, WordPress plugins has made it easier to add the 301 redirects. To know more about WordPress, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.