Tips- Facebook Marketing

Tips- Facebook Marketing

July 16, 2020 0 By Manne Jatin

Irrespective of how many social media channels come and how popular they become, none has the potential to replace FACEBOOK. It is one of the most installed apps with over 2 billion active users, doesn’t this make Facebook, one of its kind? Well, it surely does! However, not many know that Facebook was launched initially keeping in mind to help people connect easily from anywhere around the world to improve personal connection. But over the time, the potential of Facebook for soon released by Business corporate. And it then soon become one of the hugest platforms to do business. Planning to do business on Facebook? You have come to the right place then, in this article, we will be discussing about some of the most effective  tips Facebook marketing. Check out the list below;

Coordinating Organic and Paid Facebook Marketing Efforts

Attractive Display Picture

No one could deny the fact that first impression is the last one. And when it comes to Facebook, your profile picture would be the first thing based upon which your entire profile will be judged. Going wrong with the profile picture would cost you a lot of potential customers. Therefore, as a brand you can have a high resolution picture of your logo in the profile picture section of Facebook.

Post Image Sizes

Every time you upload a picture on your Facebook account, do not forget to re-check on it. You will have to ensure that the picture looks perfect when appeared on any sort of electronic gadget, be it a laptop, computer, smartphone or a tablet. It is very much important to choose the right size of image, the details of the Facebook post sizes are easily available on Google.

Posting Time

Each social media platform has a specific posting time analyzed based upon users experience. So, it is always best to stick to the post timings when uploading on Facebook as well. Posting on right time will help you again more engagement and traffic. As per sources, the best time to post on Facebook is on the weekdays mostly during the noon time.

And here the list of some of the most effective tips for blogging comes to an end. Hope, this article has been informative to you. Do share your views about the same.

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