Most prominent social media apps used online!

Most prominent social media apps used online!

February 3, 2021 0 By Manne Jatin

Social media has a bog scope of success in different fields and as we all know it is taking over the world slowly. Social media has become an integral part of our life and is something that can’t be ignored because it is everywhere these days. It is the largest platform where people are becoming famous, businesses are happening and fortunately one of the best sources of entertainment.

Social media is a great way of making new friends and besides that these apps also help us to connect with our near and dear ones and especially those who are far away from us. There are so many businesses and companies that are solely dependent on social media for their profit making.

Nearly half of the world’s total population are active users of social media apps and there are some apps which are used daily. It has become hard to resist ourselves from using social media on daily basis. If these apps are used in the correct manner, it can be the best tool for an individual’s success.


There are around 2.6 billion active users on Facebook and is one of the actively used social media platform till date. It was launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and now it is an industry itself. Facebook is the second most commonly used social media device in order to create brand awareness as well as to run various businesses. Facebook now owns Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus VR. It also provides analytics tool through which companies can evaluate the number of new fans, followers, customers, views and many more.


Instagram has become the next big thing in this modern world. There are over billions of active users on Instagram. It is ranked third on the list of most popular social media apps after YouTube and Facebook. Instagram is one of the most entertaining social media apps which is also been used for business purposes by many people. Bloggers find it the most comfortable space where they can promote their own brand and reach millions of customers around the globe.


This is the most professional social media app which is used by several popular figures across the world like sportsmen, celebrities, professionals, commoners and many more. Here on twitter, you can post tweets which your friends, followers and others can retweet too. Twitter has got over 330 million users in 2020.


YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. Almost 29% of the internet users have their account on this social media platform and they upload self-created videos on a regular basis. YouTube is most commonly used by the younger generation but there is no denying to the fact that today even older generation is also making use of YouTube in one or the other way. Many bloggers release their videos on the YouTube accounts that they hold and have gained success as full time bloggers and vloggers.