How to start blogging on Facebook?

How to start blogging on Facebook?

May 14, 2021 0 By Manne Jatin

Facebook is titled to be one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of active users over it from around the world. Initially Facebook was introduced to help people connect on personal relationship terms however over the time the potential of this platform was soon witnessed by the business officials and now as you know Facebook is one of the largest platforms for displaying business and helping one to reach their potential clients and target audience.

In this article we will be enlightening you about how to start blogging on Facebook and reach millions of Facebook users with your message. Continue reading to no more about it

Step by step guide on how to blog on Facebook

The process of blogging on Facebook is very simple which can be done by anyone with no previous experience on Facebook as well. Do not have a Facebook account yet then all you need to do is to create one by going to the and signing up with the details.

Step 1 sign into Facebook or create a new account

Step 2 search for more option below your cover photo area

Step 3 click over the more button in order to reveal the drop-down box

Step 4 Scroll down to manage section and click on it

Step 5 select note option and click save to have it on more section

Step 6 is it done back and over more to see note

Step 7 click on the note button and enter your blog post

Step 8 publish it on Facebook for your hundreds of friends

Advantages of starting a blog on Facebook

Access to millions

as we all know Facebook has overbalanced effective users assign them and probably millions from your very own locality therefore getting across to these million people is just a matter of few clicks with Facebook. All that you will have to do is start a blog on Facebook

Overhead cost

Facebook is absolutely free of course to be used by anybody and everybody and is also open for everyone about the age of 12. All your files which includes pictures documents links and blog post will be hosted by Facebook for free of cost therefore you pay nothing for blogging on this vast platform

No technicalities

Having a own website or a blogging platform can be quite challenging as well as costly however with Facebook block post you can save yourself with all these dress by reaching millions of users across the world

You blog at your convenient

Facebook puts you in no pressure to always update your blog with a new post therefore you will only post when you really wish to You will be given total freedom to blog whenever and whatever are you rich to convey to your audience also you will be under no pressure to focus and maintain a niche

Ability to go viral

If that is any place you have added and increased change to get your blog postcode viral it has to be on the Facebook platform where thousands of users may just share your single block post and make it go viral

Hope this article is help you learn about how to start blogging on Facebook. Follow these simple steps to have a hassle-free experience while blogging on Facebook.

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