Blogging about relationships, love and life!

Blogging about relationships, love and life!

July 24, 2020 0 By Manne Jatin

Relationships are hard. The ones involved in it wish to be understood and loved unconditionally no matter what. One of the biggest complaint in a relationship is that they aren’t being heard. That is exactly where and when problems start. Still they feel that they communicate effectively and express themselves clearly. Now, this article is about the relationship blogs and bloggers who emphasize lot more on how to deal with relationships and points to be taken care of when you are in a relationship.

Lately, there is a constant rise in the number of relationship bloggers who have come forward to start their own channels on YouTube with their significant other. They release weekly videos talking about relationships and many creative stuffs. This is quite interesting too as we can watch those blogs or read them and gain some information or ideas which might work out for us.

COVID-19 outbreak was never really expected and apparently this has given more time to the aspiring bloggers to stay home and create effective blogs. Some relationship bloggers are also coming up with their prank videos in which they play some pranks on their partners which they had never expected and they shoot it. Couple Prank videos have become very popular and now you can see almost all the relationship bloggers following the same with their partners.

For most of the bloggers their only source of income is what they earn out of their blog channels and writings. It can be hard at times when their blogs don’t work out well with the viewers and the readers. The content matters the most when you are a blogger. And especially in case of a relationship blogger, if he or she is able to emphasize on the most crucial areas of a relationship, they can really inspire their followers in many ways possible