3 Evergreen Content Writing Topics

3 Evergreen Content Writing Topics

April 16, 2020 0 By Manne Jatin

For writers, there is a lot of material available on the internet that would inspire us to read, think and write about it. Nevertheless, there comes situation where as content writers, we are completely clueless about what to write next. The mind goes clueless and we are left wondering what topics can be next write on. If you are here reading this article then I assume you are currently being confused about the topics to choose and write and so to help you in this article we will be discussing about some of the evergreen content writing topics that are always safe to write about.

Listed below are the 3 topics that never goes outdated on online platforms.


Cooking food alters the microbiome – The Asian Telegraph

Love to cook? Have recipes of some mind-boggling dishes? Then you can surely start the blog on cooking. You can share your recipes related to authentic food, Italian food, Chinese, continental and every possible cuisine that you are aware about. People are now being health conscious and are curious to know about the dishes that are great for the body as well as to taste and so you it’s best for you share recipes for meals, quick snacks and desserts featuring low calories.


Beauty is another popular evergreen topic that attracts reader the most specially the female readers. You can write about beauty products, skin care, DIY face masks, hair care, beauty tips and so on. Also, you can write about celebrity beauty secrets and their favorite make-up brands. The topic in beauty is endless, you don’t even have spend more time thinking about a specific topic while you pick the beauty niche.


Due to numerous amounts of development taking place in the technology field, it is a great topic to write about. You can write about the electronic gadgets, latest updates, appliances and many more things coming up from all the parts around the world. You can consider cameras and cell phones and timely write about the new models that are launched or are going to launch, this would keep readers stick to your blog as such information are very much useful as well as valuable.

To conclude, the above listed 3 topics are the evergreen topics that never disappoints the readers. In addition to use, you can also consider to write about real estate, fitness regime and travelling. To know more about content writing topics, stay connected to us.